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Meet the MaxProtect

The most advanced mouthguard for high intensity sports. Custom made for you! 

MaxProtect guarantees the best fit and protection thanks to our
Digital Protect Technology.

Perfect fit, better breathability.


Perfect fit

This mouthguard is custom made to your teeth ensuring a perfect fit and the best comfort. Expect it to *click* on your teeth.

Better communication and breathing

Drink your sports drink, breath much better and communicate with your teammates, trainer or opponent. The mouthguard will not fall out of your mouth.

The best protection

The MaxProtect is designed and produced with our Digital Protection Technology ensuring a perfect connection between your teeth and the mouthguard.

Increased life time

Enjoy the perfect fit longer due to our exclusive and highly innovative material

Easy cleaning

All our mouthguards can resist temperatures up to 100°C. Cleaning your mouthguard can be done by putting it in boiling water without losing 
it's comfort or protection.

One click re-order

In case of loss you can re-order your mouthguard with 1-click.

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How it works

Powered by Digital Protect Technology


We 3D scan your upper jaw


We design your mouthguard


Your mouthguard is manufactured and sent


Enjoy the best mouthguard on the market

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