3Dmouthguard improves the way athletes enjoy their favorite sport by using cutting edge technology to produce sports apparel. Together with its partners, 3Dmouthguard automates and digitizes the complete process of producing customized mouthguards. Turning part of the production process digital allows better access, accuracy, delivery and personalisation. 3Dmouthguard combines comfort and safety and is “fit to score”.


By scanning the upper jaw with video technology and digitally capturing all curves and shapes of mouth and teeth, a perfectly fitted mouthguard can be printed using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. The additive manufacturing (AM) process uses a material that meets all strength, flexibility and health requirements.

The new AM technique, combined with the material characteristics, completely automates and digitizes the process of producing customized mouthguards and prints them instantly.

From 2021 on we are ready to take the next step in high-volume production. Meaning we offer a production capacity of over 150.000 mouthguards per year. Our ambition is to serve 10% of the world market, that's over 5.000.000 mouthguards a year.

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Benefiting from the Brainport Eindhoven ecosystem, we found our home at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC). An international campus development where top technology, education, government and high-quality facilities come together under one roof. We are part of the high-techmanufacturing industry. 

We like to welcome you and show you around.


We develop our mouthguard with the market. In 2015 we started with the idea of Additive Manufacturing (AM). As time progressed we got insights from top athletes and youth players. We got clear insights from the industry and in 2018 we could finally present our digital mouthguard. We could print a mouthguard on the spot. 2020 was the year we got our first customer in Switzerland. In 2021 we present our full industrial process being able to print 5.000.000 mouthguards a year in 2025.

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