EXCLUSIVE DEAL: 49,95 EURO (normal price: € 79,95)


Do you like to be part of our exclusive launch?

Monday November 8th in Sittard

Only 50 persons can experience the future of custom made mouthguards. We scan your upperjaw in collaboration with Doppen Tandartsen (Walramstraat 32 - Sittard). Scroll down to read the unique benefits.

Every 5 minutes we scan an upperjaw. So reserve your timeslot. And make sure you are on time. Benefit from our exclusive offer of € 49,95. We only accept cards. 



No more biting! Your upperjaw will be scanned with the latest technology. Scans take up one minute. Make sure you brush your teeth before the appointment. It's all about a perfect fit!

Heat doesn't affect the final shape of your mouthguard. Your mouthguard deforms from 100°C. Meaning you can clean it even in your dishwasher or in boiling water. No more bacteria!

We appreciate your support to create a sustainable world together. We turn a traditional dental lab into a digital lab.

Your mouthguard is designed in close collaboration with (top) athletes who use them every day.

We look after your health. We only use materials suitable for this application.

With the scientific support of Dutch and English universities we developed your mouthguard.

If you order an extra mouthguard you receive a discount of € 20,-. Meaning 2 mouthguards for € 79,90 only.

No product, including without limitation products made by 3DMouthguard, can guarantee protection from injury or death in any particular impact or incident. In no event shall 3DMouthguard be responsible for incidental or consequential damages or loss of profits or other loss or use of any kind.